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Dung beetles: guided by the sun, moon, and stars

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Dung beetles use balls of feces away for food and brooding chambers. To do so, they (specifically the 10% nicknamed “rollers“)┬áhide the dung from the other greedy beetles by rolling it away from the location they found it.


However, this presents a unique problem: how to roll the ball away without doubling-back to your original location. Strangely enough, these scarabs can travel disorderly and indirect routes to the source of dung while still able to make a straight path to their home once more!

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Professor Elliot has been moved!

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After a long struggle to get the proper funds, has been moved away from GoDaddy to Namecheap! With this change comes an update in the website theme.

New posts to arrive soon!

The Catholic-Maya Miscommunication

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During the early 16th century, the Spanish arrived in Mexico for the first time. One of the eventual goals of the Spanish was to enlighten the local populations with tales from the Catholic church. This goal, as it turns out, was not as cut-and-dry as they had hoped it would be. In fact, a strange miscommunication would occur between the two groups that would go almost unnoticed.

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All Apologies

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Professor Elliot sends his deepest apologies for the gap in between posts. He is currently working through mid-term examinations and there are a lot of essays to grade.