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Ferdinand Cheval’s Le Palais idéal

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In 1879, postman Ferdinand Cheval tripped over an oddly shaped stone. The shape inspired him and he returned the next day to collect more stones. And he did not stop collecting until he had built himself a palace of the stones.

palais ideal

Cheval (seen with the cane) in front of his work

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Tiger’s Nest Monastery

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A Himalayan-Buddhist legend tells the tale of the guru Padmasambhava. After flying a tiger to the cliffs of Paro Valley (today in Bhutan) he meditated until transforming into eight incarnated forms. The cliffs became a holy place and his reincarnated form built a temple in 1692; hanging from the cliffs themselves.

While this tale is enchanting, what is truly enchanting is the actual temple from the tale: The Tiger’s Nest monastery.

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