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Professor Elliot’s Cabinet of the Bizarre and Wonderful may be called a site of noesis, where “all who know something–have something to ask–or who can solve something,” may meet upon common ground.*

The proprietors feel with great joy that by their efforts they have received and secured from the globe several strange and curious texts, which have been summarized and explained explicitely for this encyclopædia of inquiries. We presume to hope, that in reading these pages, you will find yourself amply compensated by the interesting novelty that it contains**.

Finally, we can guarantee that all composed articles have been fully authenticated and confirmed. Our articles’ truth are held at the highest regard and we encourage individuals to be skeptics! We encourage questions and objections of all kinds. So by all conceivable means, direct questions, objections and commentary to the comment section. We read them all.

*Exerpt from Milledulcia By Robert Pell (1857)
Exerpt from Kirby’s Wonderful and Scientific Museum by R. S. Kirby (1820)

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